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It has been slowly 30 years since our company was founded. In all this time, almost everything changes: technology is just as much as our customers expectations towards us. The pandemic has affected countless sectors in an extraordinary way, with the catering industry in particular suffering the negative effects. This year also prompted us to pay attention to the constant in change.

For us, people are the most important thing

Coninvest offers kitchen technology as well as interior design solutions. We represent the world's leading manufacturers who deliver the most innovative solutions and machines. We design kitchens, but we deeply believe that we don’t just deliver technology.

The kitchen today is not just about blood, sweat and smoke ....

The kitchen is the pulsating heart and soul of homes. So it is in a restaurant, cafe, pasrty shop, hotel, canteen too. A kitchen worker makes a lot of moves each day, sometimes the same movement should repeat thousend times in a row, constantly. It doesn’t matter at what height you do this, how tired your elbows, shoulders, waist are. It is also very important to pay attention to the fact that the human body can withstand the daily strenuous physical work. Nowadays very few people pay attention to this.

We are proud that Coninvest kitchen has become a concept

Our customers don’t just buy a particular machine from a particular manufacturer. They also appreciate that we think about them in processes and don’t miss the important aspect that people work in the kitchens every day.

It is memorable to me when we set up our stand for the Sirha exhibition. We borrowed from the factory Marrone the famous cooking block on which the Barilla commercial was shot with Roger Federer. At the spot, the island was black, but for the Sirha they have given a new rust-brown coloring to it. When I saw many chefs, cooks standing in front of our booth, admiring the island, I knew it was worth it. They didn’t even ask anything, they didn’t need help, they just stood and watched, stroking it, trying their control buttons. They don’t need explanations. They are the ones who work in the kitchen every day, they know what it’s all about, they know how much easier it is to work, handle, clean on such a surface.

Our partners at Coninvest will find what they want

We build kitchens for schools, kindergartens, public institutions. We always find the best quality solution for our customers at the available financial budget. This way, even under the most professional conditions, they can prepare hundreds or thousands of meals a day, if that is the case. We are also arranging the kitchen in the homes of more and more private individuals. To them it is important to be able to prepare the food in the most modern conditions possible, so they bring industrial technology and exhaust system into their homes. Our Berkel slicers or Iglu champagne cooler are a real visual element. It’s like a piece of art, there’s nothing more beautiful than their kind. A lot of people already feel and know this in our country too.

The planet we live in needs care


Our appliances use significantly less chemicals during each washing cycle, keeping in mind the protection of our environment.

Water saving

Instead of using 3,000 liters of water a day, 700 liters of water. Our sink knows that.


Chairs made of recycled polypropylene. They follow the green philosophy. Aspects that are no longer so important to us and our manufacturers, but also to our partners.

The miracle machine is not enough

Planning, installing, maintenance are at least as important. It is also a value and evidence for us that operating our own service allows us not to let our partners down. In the event of a failure, we are able to provide an immediate solution to the problem from the source that is most reliable for us. At our Budaörs site, we have a modernly equipped service building and a stock of tens of millions of parts at our disposal to ensure the fastest possible exit in any settlement in the country.

Coninvest provides 30 years of professionalism, expertise and experience. We sell not only products, but also a complete service, with planning, innovative proposals, professional advice and an expert vision. For us, man is the most important thing. Our common future depends on this.
Mirjam Kertész
Coninvest founder - owner
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For us, people are the most important thing. Our common future depends on this. In our newsletter, we share the most up-to-date, greenest industry news.