Hello Countryside! Hello Dunaújváros!

Ristorante Azzari’s new pizza oven came straight from Naples. It is always a special pleasure for us to choose Coninvest from a country restaurant. We would also like to contribute to the development of rural hospitality, so we started to design the kitchen of the Azzari restaurant in Dunaújváros with great enthusiasm. It was a … Read more

The ordinary restaurant of the Hungarians has advanced to a prominent Hungarian brand

Don Pepe’s production center has been renovated by Coninvest More than 20 years of hard work, a restaurant chain of more than 20 pizzerias. In 2020, it won the Hungarian Brands Employer Brand Award. Don Pepe has always been at the forefront, renewal, renewal, investment have always been extremely important to its owners. Our shop … Read more

Hello Country!

Hello country! For twenty-seven years, the kitchen has been our passion. We are passionate about beautifully crafted kitchen counters, modern appliances, new technologies, and we love to meet challenges that seem impossible. Over the years, we have always strived for complexity, so an assignment no longer stops in kitchen design and construction, but in interior … Read more

Elegance redefined

Elegance redefinedMatild Palace is an architectural gem of Budapest, located in the heart of the city, right beside Danube River. Matild and its twin palace, Klotild create a magnificent gateway to Elizabeth Bridge. Matild Palace, the celebrated icon of the Habsburg era, is a vision of Her Royal Highness Maria Klotild, was completed in 1902 … Read more

Luxurious kitchen in our home

Luxurious kitchen in our homeThe history of Marrone’s new cooking island dates back 6 years ago. It was then that Joshua Latner (Mesubim), a fan of culinary delights, met two owners of the Marrone factory, Armando Pujatti and Maurizio Fantin. Joshua has been a fan of gastronomy all his life and has regarded himself as … Read more

Pastel gastronomy

Pastel gastronomy On the site of the former Tama restaurant, a new miracle called Pastel set off. Pastel as a choice of name may at first suggest that new colors can still be brought to the top gastronomy with new emotions, secondly we may be able to explain the word pasta, and third reading it … Read more

I raise my hat

Dear Laurent, As a French chef who has seen the world, you are currently running the kitchen of the British International School Budapest. Would you tell Coninvest readers a little about your work?After spending several years abroad on oil platforms and hotels, I was lucky to be able to return to Budapest to apply as … Read more

In the service of culinary art

In the service of culinary artThe impossible word is missing from Eszter Palágyi’s dictionary. The country has recently been worried about her health, but fortunately it is already doing well, so much so that it has faced new challenges at this year’s Bocuse d’Or in the home qualifier, from where it advanced to the next … Read more

Based on a true story

Ergonomics. Most of those working in the hospitality industry are still familiar with this concept, but fortunately there are already a good number of people who “scatter the word” about the importance of this discipline instead of us.Ergonomics is also a kind of demanding for conscious kitchen design, where ensuring a healthy and pleasant working … Read more

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