Reed Luxury Hotel by Balaton, Siófok

“We built a completely new 300-serving kitchen in place of the once popular disco. When it became certain where exactly the kitchen would be located within the building, together with the architectural office and Coninvest, we managed to create all the space and install all the equipment that a professional kitchen needs.” – Kitchen technologist András Gauland

The Reed Luxury Hotel kitchen is equipped with equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers: AngeloPo cooking equipment and refrigerators, Rational iVario and iCombi Pro, Liebherr refrigerators, Meiko dishwashing technology, Hoshizaki ice machine, Vianen auxiliary air jet and fresh air intake hood, supplemented with an ANSUL kitchen extinguishing system.


Coninvest offers expert assistance in ensuring quality catering. During the design process, wet help the large kitchen to choose the right stainless furniture, and provides the restaurant with a wide selection of contract design furniture.
Coninvest is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment. We await our customers with all the knowledge of the most modern kitchen technology, energy-saving and cost-effective solutions, and professional food preparation.
Coninvest offers professional solutions for the catering industry. We stand by our customers during planning and construction, and our service ensure proper operation in the long run.
Coninvest casts its vote in favor of high-quality kitchen technology. We provide a wide range of public furniture and design furniture for catering units. In addition to sales, we await our customers with deep expertise, consulting and service.
Coninvest provides quality food preparation equipment to catering establishments. Our experts have already helped in the design of many commercial kitchens, and they have contributed deeply to the success of the projects during the design and construction process. Feel free to contact us!
Do you manage a factory kitchen, hotel kitchen? Coninvest helps to provide state-of-the-art kitchen technology! We offer a helping hand to procure the equipment of the restaurant and to find the most suitable industrial kitchen equipment. Contact us with confidence!




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