Looking back on 2023 by Mirjam Kertész

The holidays have arrived, the hustle and bustle of business has quieted down, and at this time we have the opportunity to look back on the past year, evaluate the goals achieved and plan for the future. It already sounds a bit trite that “we closed an exciting year”, but 2023 really marked a turning point in the life of our company.

We ended our 20-year era in Budaörs, sold our old headquarters and moved to a rapidly developing, modern industrial park in Sóskút, next to the M7 highway. This is a huge change for me as a CEO, but also for my colleagues. Replacing our beloved “cute” garden house in Budaörs with a modern concrete office building built in an industrial environment requires a new way of thinking and a new corporate culture. Especially since our move out was not that smooth. We spent the entire summer and fall in rented office containers next to a construction that was still in full swing. Due to the limited space, we could only work in rotation, a real meeting room was completely missing, and our showroom did not exist. We had to reorganize our mobility, the commuting of our colleagues, and our communication forums. In the process, we lost some old colleagues and our team expanded with some new colleagues.

These are not small changes in the life of a company, so that, in addition, it is necessary to be able to maintain the operation of the company, the ongoing projects, and our after sales service smoothly.

Fortunately we had a large number of projects this year. Just have a look at our reference site, many factories, hotels, restaurants and cafes have found their partner for their investment in us in 2023.

November 30 was the day of the inauguration of our office building and the closing ceremony of our GINOP project. The mayor of Sóskút, Ferenc König, also came to our small, closed event and congratulated us on the new headquarters.
While our colleagues were able to occupy the beautiful new offices, the craftsmen on the 1st floor still carry out the final brushstrokes and other operations in our large showroom and event hall, which is beautifully visible from the highway in the winter afternoons through the two huge illuminated shop windows. We can’t wait for the machines, furniture, and special equipment to arrive and be able to show them to everyone. Of course there will be an opening ceremony, we don’t know exactly when yet, but at the moment we plan it for February-March.

Plans for next year? A lot, even after such a big investment! But you can hear more about this in the radio interview given to TrendFM Radio (in Hungarian).

A very Happy New Year everyone!

Mirjam Kertész – Founder and CEO of Coninvest Group


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