A year full of milestones – Mirjam Kertész evaluates

An other year has passed and these are the hours when we look back, evaluate and plan. It is the time to ask us the question are we on the right track? Please read our CEO’s thoughts about 2021. 

In terms of of our company life, the most important milestone of all was the start of the construction works of our new company headquarters in November this year. Planning for a decade, dreaming about it for years and now it will come true.

The idea was born from our travel experiences.

Thinking in a warehouse and office building next to a highway was born in our minds thanks to our trips to Italy. Who has not yet traveled on the A4 motorway between Venice and Milan, where a company reaches the next company, thousands of cars pass in front of them, and such a location has enormous advertising value. However, the Scandinavians made the deepest impression on the creation and design of the interiors of our new building. We visited Granuldisk’s new headquarters in Malmö 4 years ago. Then we were completely surprised that instead of the cohesive OpenOffice spaces, the colleagues sat in small, one-room, nook offices. In their own living space, in their aura, quietly, free of noise, minimizing distractions. Open spaces were large community spaces used for meetings, coffee, breakfast, or even phone calls. This was the field for the brainstorming. But when substantive work was going on, everyone could retreat to their own little nook, bounded, of course, by beautiful huge glass walls and doors, not visually excluding the person, but still separating them. We plan to be able to move into a similar space in a year and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Coninvest at our new location.

2021 was a very successful year. We built smaller or larger kitchens for all those segments we addressed earlier. New places have been born in the capital and beyond, plenty at the Lake Balaton, restaurants in the fine dining segment, but not only. Beside restaurants we have furnished lots of beautiful patisseries, hotel kitchens, canteens for factories and we have also worked for the healthcare sector. Our work in the supermarket chains was continuous and it is a pleasure that our new market the street food has started. We can hardly keep up in photoshooting and filming this plethora of new, wonderful references. An especially exciting new market were the luxuary homes seeking the quality, design and robustness of industrial kitchens. We have conducted several projects for private villas in different price categories and scopes.

It is a great pleasure to see the conquest of the gastro-revolution in Hungary and the demand for quality kitchen utensils, machines and technologies. I wish a lot of joy in cooking together, eating and preparing a lot of healthy and tasty food in Coninvest kitchens for our loved ones, friends, colleagues and guests.

Never forget! Cooking is a pleasure!

Mirjam Kertész

Coninvest founder-owner


Coninvest offers expert assistance in ensuring quality catering. During the design process, wet help the large kitchen to choose the right stainless furniture, and provides the restaurant with a wide selection of contract design furniture.
Coninvest is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment. We await our customers with all the knowledge of the most modern kitchen technology, energy-saving and cost-effective solutions, and professional food preparation.
Coninvest offers professional solutions for the catering industry. We stand by our customers during planning and construction, and our service ensure proper operation in the long run.
Coninvest casts its vote in favor of high-quality kitchen technology. We provide a wide range of public furniture and design furniture for catering units. In addition to sales, we await our customers with deep expertise, consulting and service.
Coninvest provides quality food preparation equipment to catering establishments. Our experts have already helped in the design of many commercial kitchens, and they have contributed deeply to the success of the projects during the design and construction process. Feel free to contact us!
Do you manage a factory kitchen, hotel kitchen? Coninvest helps to provide state-of-the-art kitchen technology! We offer a helping hand to procure the equipment of the restaurant and to find the most suitable industrial kitchen equipment. Contact us with confidence!




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