We Came We reached We stay

We Came We reached We stay

We are very poud of it. Proud because it represent rock-solid values and yet are “fragile”.
This statement is also true for our Superbrands, glass award and for our CEO, Mirjam Kertész, who is only fragile in figure but has been at the forefront of our company for 27 years and with whom we have had a short interview these days.
We are happy to share this with you now. Miriam, allow us to congratulate you, as what you have represented in this sector is truly commendable. What does this recognation mean to you?
I was surprised, but very well, that a lot of work and effort created a measurable value

You’ve been paving the way for the Coninvest brand for 27 years, your company has been an adult for a while now, but you still seem to be constantly working with all your energy to be even better? Where does so much energy come from in you?
If you manage to find what you love to do, there are no brakes.

What does this award mean to colleagues? Do they feel like a shared success?
Above all, I shared a few pictures, some thoughts, and a direct experience report with my colleagues. I think everyone is rightly proud of it.

Where is this little glass award now?
Of course, next to our entrance, for everyone to see who turns up with us.

Is it possible to sit back now, rest for a while after such recognition?
No way! As a result, new impulses and creative brainstorming with my colleagues are already coming. We are preparing for the Sirha exhibition and next year with steam power. We will have a lot of novelties, it will be an experience to report on them.

What does the word success mean to you?
This is a very interesting question. It reminds me of one of my mentors, who has unfortunately passed away, who said:
“You will be successful if success drives and not results!”.
Success is in your head, You decide whether you are successful in what you do or not. If you consider yourself successful, so will your environment. It’s a bit like happiness…

What are your future plans for your company?
We have huge plans and visions. Above all, you have to learn, develop and do everything even better! Luckily, I am surrounded by a very good team that I am happy to join in every morning because they inspire and I hope I will inspire them too.
We have grown out of our much-loved headquarters in Budaörs and are planning the company center that I have cherished in my head since I was young.
A multifunctional space where aesthetics and function meet, where we can show who we are, what we know, what we like to achieve
Where we can learn, develop, educate and inspire. I would like to give all my colleagues a work environment in which they feel good and in which they can work and perform well. The country will be unique.
Of course, there will also be “wow” effects when our dear customers come to us.
I’ve always loved beautiful items, especially in the kitchen area. Our machines are of premium quality, but there are some creations that are simply beautiful nonetheless.
That’s how it should be. Eye-catching soul and soul together.
If only the last 27 years of Coninvest could be recounted in five words, what would they be?
Luck, diligence, perseverance, humility, faith.

As a final thought, what are you now communicating to your readers, many of whom you also maintain a personal relationship with, as personality has always characterized Coninvest, be it your employees or your customers
Anyone who has read the article so far can apply to me for a free slicing machine…
Joke aside, maybe I’m sending a message that I’ve had the pleasure of working all my life, enjoying every minute of it. Even those hard days when I couldn’t be reached in the office because of the many problems to be solved, but I still loved them. I hope this is how my colleagues and our customers felt.

Thank you very much for the conversation, we wish you more success!
Thank you too, other times with pleasure.



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