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Ergonomics. Most of those working in the hospitality industry are still familiar with this concept, but fortunately there are already a good number of people who “scatter the word” about the importance of this discipline instead of us.
Ergonomics is also a kind of demanding for conscious kitchen design, where ensuring a healthy and pleasant working environment is already an explicit basic requirement for the employer.
“It wasn’t always like that!” – started our conversation with Mr Gábor Juhász, who currently runs six restaurants and has been working in the hospitality industry for almost 30 years.

One of its restaurants, the Golden Barrel, has been working great for 10-12 years. His attitude to the profession has always been impeccable, the food tasted great in the past, but somehow he felt that things were still changing in a negative direction.
This was first reflected in the fluctuation, as unfortunately the restaurant got rid of several employees over the years who chose a new, more modern workplace. There were those who did the same, but there were those who earned much less in their new job, yet he took that step.

Why could this happen?
According to Mr Juhász’s experience, the way restaurants used to be today is no longer sustainable.

“We haven’t dealt with ergonomics for 30-40 years. A place has opened, and we have “cooked” from what we knew, what tools and machines are at our disposal.
There was no well-thought-out kitchen, only at most well-paid staff who had money in the first place for a while, but today that in itself is not a motivating factor. Noisy extractors, minimum 50 degrees, greasy steam, hours of scrubbing, obsolete machines, lack of space, vacancy, cumbersome and slow work processes, dead-tired employees. This picture was expected me day by day in the kitchen and I felt I had to do something. ” – says Gábor, who has been our customer ever since, as the dear reader must have already figured out how the positive change in Aranyhordó could have come thanks to the conscious kitchen technology, which was implemented by us with pleasure. The kitchen of the restaurant has been completely redesigned, mechanized, modernized, providing a healthy, pleasant working environment for the staff.

The legitimate need of a modern chef and his team is a place where the temperature is human and there is an air-conditioned kitchen, where you can work in rooms equipped with fast, modern kitchen technology, where there is space and thoughtfulness behind the work processes, in short, where there is ergonomics.
It’s also a kind of sophistication, obviously limited by financial constraints, but it’s worth thinking about this a bit and delving into the numbers in the long run!

According to Gábor, since the renovation of the kitchen, the emitting capacity has increased by 30-40%, as a result of which the restaurant’s profit has also increased.
Maintaining and mandatory servicing of new machines is still much cheaper than costly repairs of old ones. Work processes are shorter, food preparation is faster, the cook is less stressed, there is more time left for other useful work, making friends, and more.

“There’s no better feeling than when employees come out of the kitchen with a smile, don’t rush home, but still talk, have a drink, make friends, recharge.”
Old colleagues have also returned who no longer want to work elsewhere because of the new, modern work environment. The Golden Barrel has become a place to be good and good to eat.

We would like to thank Gábor for choosing us and for his willingness to share his experience with you!
We wish him more success and many satisfied employees!


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